From the date of purchase, the original purchaser has a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects for the items produced by Momobeam.

Items distributed and not manufactured by Momobeam benefit from the direct manufacturer’s warranty, therefore, to take advantage of the warranty, please follow the manufacturer’s policies and procedures.

We do not take responsibility for damage to people or things or loss of property, resulting from the use, installation, uninstallation or other applications related to our products.

The buyer, the installer, the end user must be aware of the fact that our products can cause damage, even serious, to things or people. Therefore they agree to take all responsibility. Momobeam assumes no responsibility for such damages.

Momobeam reserves the right to establish whether the product or parts of it can be replaced or repaired after evaluating the alleged defect (after sending good quality photographic documentation which indicates the problem encountered). It will not be possible to replace or repair the product or parts of it if the defect has occurred due to: improper use, unauthorized modifications, adverse weather conditions, disasters, fire, improper installation.
This warranty does not cover delivery, transportation, installation or other costs that could be due to any defect.
Once authorized by Momobeam, the customer must send the defective product to the following address at his own expense:
Momobeam di Giuseppe Spano’
Contrada Berbarello 508
91025 Marsala (TP) Italy

Once the goods are ready, Momobeam will quantify the shipping cost that the customer must pay in advance.