TRI7 101520

TRI7 101520 NA1E

Bought the MomoBeam Tri 7. Been off the air for 20 years. This antenna is very well designed and built. My wife and put this together. Went together fairly easily. We got it up on the 90 ft tower, Friday afternoon just before the CQWW DX SSB contest. I ended up working a lot of stations in the contest on Saturday. I gotta say that I got thru most pileups with one to 3 tries running only 100 watts!
I ended up in one pile up that was very crowded and it took about 9 tries! Still barefoot. Got great reports. Highly impressed with this antenna! Would recommend in a heart beat. I’ve seen the Penta 10 up on a tower and it’s impressive also! The only reason I didn’t buy it was I never work the WARC bands or I would have. Thank you to MOMOBEAM for an impressive design and ease of assembly. SWR is under 1.5 across all of 14 and 21 MHZ bands. The 28, 29 MHZ bands are fairly flat under 2.1 SWR. That is excellent!
Don’t hesitate to buy a MOMOBEAM! You won’t be disappointed.
73, Dan NA1E.


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