Momobeam and the Monteverde Contest Team

D4C_07__MG_4781 FINAL

As often happens, success stories are the fruit of the work of people who believe in what they do and who base relationships on trust and human relationships. This also applies to the collaboration established between various players in the D4C – Monteverde Contest Team group and the antenna manufacturer Momobeam.

After a cognitive meeting through mutual friendships, the D4C group immediately believed in the skills of Momobeam, in the person of Giuseppe Spanò, who made himself available to accept an important challenge for his company like his: building sufficiently robust antennas and with performances adapted to the needs of this contest station.

From here an intense exchange of information started about the characteristics of both the place and the antennas that the group was looking for.

In fact, the meteorological conditions at D4C are extreme, as the station is located on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean at 750m asl, with daily extreme wind, salt and humidity conditions.

After an interesting and intense period of development, it moved to the definitive construction phase with the relative tests on the tower owned by Momobeam to verify consistency as how simulated.

The Heavy Duty line was born!

All materials were then promptly made available to the D4C group who had to overcome foreseen and unforeseen obstacles to have them available in Cape Verde. Transport is regularly carried out by ship which, however, also thanks to a complicated situation, has not had ideal safety conditions for transport directly to the destination island for a few months.

Since March 2015 D4C station has been developed on HF and VHF on the bases of Momobeam products.

Over the years antenna farm has been improved to obtain better performance. As of y 2022 the total nr of antennas installed on HF bands are 19 yagis and 5 verticals as per following models:

For 50Mhz we use:

All antennas has been realized in heavy duty version to survive to our arsh environment.

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