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TRI9 10/15/20 SF

Momobeam TETRA14 separate feed line

TETRA14 10/15/20/40 SF


TETRA14 10/15/20/40 SF


TETRA14 10/15/20/40 Separate Feed is a multiband yagi with a super compact design and unique features. We often see towers full of very close spaced monoband antennas. Do you think this is the best solution? Towers full of antennas inevitably interact that distort the radiation patterns.

With the TETRA14 Separate Feed this problem is overcome!
In fact, each band has its own feed connection, allowing contest stations to use this antenna simultaneously with 4 different transceiver/amplifier setups, as if each station had their own monoband antenna (use of BPF is necessary to protect your equipment). As a result, the space occupied on the towers is significantly reduced and performance is also significantly higher!

On TETRA14 Separate Feed the spacing of the elements has been optimized through the latest generation software to ensure the best performance.
On 40 meters it has two elements with a Reflector/Driver configuration, whose size has been compacted using loads placed at the ends. This solution, which was originally adopted by W6NL, to which our thanks go, allows the performance to be like a full size yagi although it has a reduced element length. On 10/15/20 meters, it uses 4 elements per band with reflector, driver and 2 directors configuration.


TETRA14 10/15/20/40 Separate Feed comes with an Assembly Tool and spare parts (bolts and aluminium tube).
N.4  3kW RF Choke balun is also supplied as standard. This component is very expensive and many antenna manufacturers supply it as an optional extra.

Simple and intuitive assembly – TETRA14 10/15/20/40SF use square boom. All hardware is supplied in separate, labelled bags and all aluminium tubes are labelled to make assembly quick and easy!

Requires four coaxial cables, one for each band
Requires a rotor for medium/heavy load

RF choke:4X 3kW included

Availability: call!

For US market:
more questions? call Mark K1RX

 603-973-5963 | 
contact him by WA | 
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4 U-bolt 50/60 mm (2-2.3 in) INCLUDED
If you need larger ones,
please choose below:

4x 3kW RF choke SO239 PLUG INCLUDED
If you prefer,
choose below different RF choke:

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TETRA14 10/15/20/40 SF10 m
15 m
20 m
40 m
Gain dBi:
(20 meters above the ground)
Gain dBd free space:
Active elements:4442
Bandwidth kHz
S.W.R. ≤ 1.5:1
Boom Length:1010 cm/33.13 ft
Turning radius:920 cm/30.20 ft
Feed lines required:4 X 50 Ohm
Max tower lift side:90 cm/2.95 ft

Longest element:
1560 cm / 51 ft

Power handling:
10 kW

Wind area:
1.7 m²/18.30 sq ft

Wind load 130Km/h:
1364 N

Wind survival*:
160 Kmh – 100 Mph

Tower Leg/Mast diameter:  50/60 mm – 2/2.36 inch
(larger on request – specify on order form)

RF choke**:
4x 3 KW included

Weight (excluding packaging):
115 Kg/250 lb

Materials used

Tubes and plates:
Aluminum alloy 6060T6

stainless steel

insulating clamps:
polypropylene UV resistant


*Wind survival is the maximum wind speed to which the antenna can be subjected without incurring permanent deformation (calculated in the absence of ice)

**The Momobeam RF Choke (standard product offering, rated at 3 KW) is made from high quality Teflon dielectric, double shielded, low loss coaxial cable with properly selected ferrite material that is sleeved over the cable that together, create a high impedance path for RF, providing high isolation between the antenna and coaxial feedline.

An SO-239 female connector is included for convenient attachment to the customer feedline and its PL-259 Male connector.

The 5 KW and 10 KW rated RF chokes (optional purchase) are made from the same materials except the coaxial cable is 10 mm diameter.

The 10KW version uses a 7/16 DIN style connector.

Get the manual

TETRA14 10152040SF User Manual EN 940 KB 29 downloads

User Manual TETRA14 10152040SF ...
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