The American Radio Relay League announced a new antenna

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) announced a new antenna product at the 2024 Dayton Hamvention that is available through their on-line store called:  Dualband Beam Antenna 6/10

This new antenna offering comes as a result of a cooperative design effort between the ARRL technical group and Momobeam; and is an exclusive product for ARRL.

It was an exciting weekend as evidenced by Bob, NQ1R and Mark, K1RX holding the large poster located in the ARRL stand. The initial stock was sold out at the Hamvention with more on the way to the ARRL warehouse.

This new antenna will satisfy the new Technician class licensee in getting them on the air for 10 and 6 m operation with a single feedline.

A big thank you to all the ARRL staff and especially to mr. David, and mr. Bob!

Thank you guys!


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