Mark Pride, K1RX

Mark Pride, K1RX joins the Momobeam company to represent and promote the Momobeam product line in the US market.
Momobeam of Italy is growing worldwide and to help this effort, Mark has joined the team of fellow amateur radio operators at Momobeam to support the US ham community with not only product support but will also maintain inventory of the many popular yagi antenna products.

Mark will also be supporting our new partner, Ham Radio Outlet with technical assistance and general product support.
HRO will be providing the more popular yagi products which include the Penta10 (5 band, 10 element yagi), several triband and duoband models and the 6 meter models. (Meet Mark at the HRO booth during Hamcation 2023, Orlando, FL)


Mark’s amateur radio background is extensive.
An early interest in the hobby (age 11) set the stage for a career in wireless communications from the defense electronics market (20 years) to the commercial communications market (20 years).
Along the way, he was the Chief Engineer at the original Cushcraft Corporation (when located in NH) furthering his interest in yagi design, construction and installation.
Prior to that, he served in the Technical Department (under Doug DeMaw, W1CER) at the ARRL (Newington, CT) and performed product verification testing in the lab that supported their policy of specification compliance prior to advertising in QST magazine, QST product reviews, Handbook projects and membership support.


In the hobby, he built several competitive contest stations including Multi-Multi type configurations with up to 16 yagis on 3 different towers feeding 5 operating positions.
He learned from some of the best such as W2PV, K1CA, K1VTM,W1ZM. Over the past 30 years, he was president of an antenna/tower installation company focused on the amateur market in the northeast part of the US.
He has built and installed nearly every commercially manufactured antenna in the amateur market.
He knows antenna construction – the pros and the cons!
He knows what works!


Today, he is still active in all of the major contests and has done much to promote growth in the hobby by mentoring the youth. He has been an active member of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club since its inception (1977).


On behalf of the Momobeam staff, we are very pleased to have Mark join us

Feel free to contact him via email ( or by phone (603-973-5963) should you need assistance with any of the Momobeam products.

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    Excellent business decision! I have read many articles and blogs etc which Mark contributed to. His writings are always based on FACTS and his MANY YEARS of experience. He is AN Expert and actually, he is THE HF antenna EXPERT. He immediately brings value to the company and its products. I’m confident with Mark leading the Charge for the Company in NA, success will be achieved.

    His current write-up on this site about stacking multi-band yagis is an EXCELLENT example of his accuracy, easy to understand, and well explained. I’m sure that post will be well accepted by many other hams!

    Welcome and congratulations to both MOMOBEAM and Mark for this wise decision and investment.


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