Forthcoming Antennaskill+: stay tuned!

Dear radio amateurs and enthusiasts of the electromagnetic waves world, we are excited to preview the launch of our new blog section: antennaskill+. Here, we will delve into the fascinating universe of antennas, exploring choices and configurations in an accessible and engaging manner.
Antennaskill+ is designed for everyone, from novices to experts: we won’t get lost in technicalities and complex formulas, but rather focus on some general theoretical topics and, above all, practical advice.

Navigating the World of Antennas

If you are a novice eager to discover the fundamentals or an experienced ham radio operator looking for new solutions, you’ll find something interesting on antennaskill+. We will explore various types of antennas together, discuss practical choices, and guide you through the optimal configuration for your needs.

From Novices to Experts

Antennaskill+ knows no limits of experience. We want to be your travel companion in a progressive journey towards advanced configurations. Each article is designed to be light, informative, and, above all, exciting.

Join the Conversation

Antennaskill+is not just a blog but a community. Share your experiences, ask questions, and participate in the conversation. We are here to learn together and fuel the passion for ham radio.

Ready for the Adventure?

Whether you’re curious, passionate, or simply eager to learn more about antennas, antennaskill+ is the perfect place for you. Tune in to our blog and be inspired by the magic of radio waves.

We look forward to seeing you here on our website on Monday, November 27, 2023… until the next signal!


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