MOMOBEAM DUO12 6-10 dual band 28 50 mhz
New Momobeam dual band antenna for 28 and 50 MHz

DUO12 6/10 is a compact dualband yagi with full size elements for 28 and 50 MHz bands. Simple to assemble, DUO12 6/10 does not require any calibration. It features flat SWR below 1.5:1 on all operating bands and is a perfect fit for modern transceivers and linear amplifiers. It has 12 elements on a boom length of 770 cm / 25.3 ft. No compromise: seven full size elements in 50 MHz and five full size elements in 28 MHz with a single feed point! Simple and intuitive assembly – all hardware is supplied in separate, labelled bags and all aluminium tubes are labelled to make assembly quick and easy!

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