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Momobeam designs and builds antennas with high-level performance and top quality construction, intended to last over time even when subjected to considerable weather and environmental stress.

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Promotion valid only for purchases made on the North American Partner HAM RADIO OUTLET website: www.hamradio.com

PENTA10 10/12/15/17/20 is the popular multiband Antenna with a compact design that covers the bands of 10-12-15-17-20 meters using a single coaxial cable. All elements are full size, thus guaranteeing performances clearly superior to those of the old generation antennas.
the ideal partner for those who want an antenna easy to be assembled, with excellent performance and compact dimensions.
TRI10 10/15/20 covers the 10/15/20 meter bands using a single coaxial cable. On 15 and 20 meters it has 3 full size elements per band, with the reflector, driver and director configuration. On 10 meters it has 4 elements whose configuration is reflector, driver, and two directors.
Simple to assemble, the TRI10 does not require any calibration.
TRI7 10/15/20 covers the 10/15/20 meter bands with amazing performance and just one coaxial cable. On 15 and 20 meters using a reflector/driver configuration with full size components whose performance is much higher than those of the older generation antennas. On 10 meters it has 3 elements whose configuration is a reflector, driver, director.

MONO3 6P is the perfect antenna for your SOTA/POTA Activations holiday! Weighing only 1.9 kg / 4.2 lb, it will surprise you with its performance and ease of use.
Assembly/disassembly is very quick thanks to the use of Wing Nuts so it is perfect for portable use. It covers 50 to 52 MHz with a flat SWR curve of less than 1.5:1 an excellent front-to-back ratio and high gain.

MONO5 6  is a five elements antenna for the magic band of 50 MHz optimized for DX! With only 5 kg/11 lb of weight, it will surprise you with its incredible performances. MONO5 6 easily covers the entire operating band with a flat SWR curve below 1.5:1, excellent front/back ratio and high gain. It is super sturdy, like all Momobeam antennas.

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