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Thirty years of passion and experience, an ambitious mission and that pinch of “madness” which today find full and well-deserved acknowledgment in international markets.

Passion and courage: these are the two fundamental ingredients of the Momobeam story.
Joe IT9HBT is a longtime radio amateur who lives in a windy corner of western Sicily and has a precious gift: the ability to combine intuition and design rigor with excellent manual dexterity. Giuseppe knows that the antennas in Sicily must be resistant, as well as performing: wind and salty air cannot win.
His passion is strong, increasingly oriented towards contests, and his desire soon turns into something concrete. Thus were born the first antennas built for personal use and experimentation. They work well and resist the strong gusts of wind typical of this place.
The collaboration with other hams and the enthusiasm of friends near and far are increasingly stimulating, until the design and production activity becomes a company in 2011, with the name Momobeam: thanks to the brothers friends “Mommo” IT9GNG, Sal IW9FRA and Joe EA3KS, whose contribution in terms of encouragement was crucial.

Doing business in Sicily has never been easy: the entrepreneurial fabric is fragile and extremely fragmented; there are few possibilities to create sector synergies; infrastructures are insufficient and development policies are not always capable and effective.

Momobeam has grown well, despite the many obstacles and difficulties. Giuseppe Spanò’s perseverance is supported by a demanding but well-defined mission: to design antennas with high-level performance and maximum construction quality, antennas destined to last over time even if subjected to considerable meteorological and environmental stress.

Today Momobeam is a solid and prestigious reality on the international scene. The activity is based on the design and construction of high-tech mono and multiband antennas, generally on order for the contest segment, reflecting the results of this continuous research on mass production.
The Momobeam philosophy is expressed in a Total Quality Management perspective: it is planning, consultancy and pre- and post-sales service, aimed at maximum satisfaction of the customer’s needs, in a relationship based on dialogue and the sharing of knowledge and experience.

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only reliable and durable aluminium!
TETRA18 10/15/20/40 DUALFEED is our high performance and versatile quad-band yagi antenna. No traps or other adaptation systems have been used on this antenna, nor are there any moving parts: no motors or relays that risk breaking! There are virtually no limits to the applicable power.
compact design, easy to assemble!
PENTA10 is the popular multiband yagi antenna with a compact design that covers the bands of 10-12-15-17-20 meters using a single coaxial cable. All elements are full size, thus guaranteeing performances clearly superior to those of the old generation antennas. Here it is the ideal partner for those who want an antenna easy to be assembled, with excellent performance and compact dimensions.
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